Thing #4: Do you really think so? Then, blog.


What struck me most about reading these blogs is that you can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Seriously, have you ever felt so passionately about something, but didn’t feel like there was anyone in earshot who would understand?  You can guarantee that somewhere in the Web 2.0 world there are people who will share your passion.  

Conversely, have you ever felt you were 100% right about something only to have another person question you and make you realize your errors?  This happened to me the other night:  I am learning to play bridge and sincerely felt I was making progress on the bidding part.  We are a beginner class so we discuss what we are strategizing as the game goes along.  Long story short, I thought I had figured out a great strategy and made my play with a proud smile on my face.  The next player trumped me and proved me wrong.  She questioned me and told us how she saw the play.  What a great learning experience!

It reminded me of when Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird questions Scout by asking, “Do you really think so?”  This “dangerous question” as Scout refers to it is asked all day long in blog-land.

Questioning and correcting are the reason for the blog comments.  The open flow of conversation helps people grow and expand their ideas.  You may write something that you feel is 100% correct, only to have someone make a comment and trump/correct you.

For example, when Mr. Meyer discusses Why I Don’t Assign Homework, he gives several valid reasons; however, reader Jonathan comments, “Not with you on this one.”  Now, Mr. Meyer doesn’t do a 180, but the fact that he is questioned, and publicly so, makes the conversation that much richer.

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  1. How do you have time to learn to play bridge and actually play bridge????? I so wish I could find time in my life to actually do something fun and adult-like!!! Your blogs look great. I especially like your pictures. I must stop by and get some pointers on this!!!

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